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The teachers listed on this page have all completed significant training in Mindfulness Based Programs including silent meditation retreats, professional training and supervision of their teaching.

Registered teachers have taught at least two rounds of the program and have completed all the requirements of the MTI training pathway but are not yet certified.

Certified teachers are certified, having taught many rounds of the program and having had their teaching rigorously assessed.  


Megan Layton | Registered Teacher | Canberra


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Deb Algar | Registered Teacher | Sydney

Dr Adele Stewart | Registered Teacher | Illawarra

Elizabeth Granger | Registered Teacher | Sydney

Eva Papadopoulo | Certified Teacher | Sydney

Tienne Simons | Registered Teacher | Sydney

Timothea Goddard | Certified Teacher | Sydney


Alison Keane | Certified Teacher | Brisbane

Astrid De Ruiter | Certified Teacher | Brisbane

Heather Albrecht | Registered Teacher | Sunshine Coast

Mary McIntyre | Certified Teacher | Brisbane


Dr Maura Kenny | Certified Teacher | Adelaide


Christine Hiltner | Registered Teacher | Hobart

Miranda Stephens | Registered Teacher | Hobart

Pamela Lovell | Certified Teacher | Hobart


Maggie O'Shea | Registered Teacher | Castlemaine

Nik Welsh | Registered Teacher | Melbourne


Karen Haddon | Registered Teacher | Perth

Regina Gerlach | Certified Teacher | Perth


Betsy Haley | Registered Teacher | Christchurch

Debbie Schultz | Registered Teacher | Auckland

Dianne May | Certified Teacher | Auckland

Jan Haworth | Registered Teacher | Auckland

Kate Brandram-Adams | Registered Teacher | Canterbury

Lila O'Farrell | Registered Teacher | Auckland

Lucy Schwabe | Certified Teacher | Wellington

Nadav Avny | Certified Teacher | Auckland

Neave Ross-Wallace | Registered Teacher | Christchurch

Sue Dykes | Registered Teacher

Other International

Claire Holmes | Registered Teacher | Singapore


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