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Level I Training - New Zealand - 2021

Module 1 | Live Online | Late Jan - Mar 2021
Intensive | 10 - 15 April 2021 | Auckland, NZ

Level I Training - New Zealand - 2021

With Dianne May, Eva Papadopoulo, Nadav Avny


This Level I program provides draws on a range of didactic, experiential and small group work - face-to-face and live online. It will provide opportunities for practice teaching/leading with supervision from the instructors. A strong emphasis in the program is on the development and integration of personal and professional qualities which support authentic mindfulness teaching and learning. It offers a challenging and deepening process of exploration and engagement with self and others, using the ground of practice as our base. You will explore the rationale for how mindfulness works for a range of mental and physical health conditions including pain, stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. Specific areas of focus will include:

    1. Coverage, pacing and organisation of session curriculum
    2. Relational skills - cultivating potency, confidence, warmth, engagement and containment
    3. Embodiment of mindfulness - including presence, vitality and calmness, acceptance and present moment responsiveness
    4. Guiding mindfulness practices - skills in leading the body scan, awareness of breath, sounds, thoughts and feeling, open awareness, kindness and compassion, approaching the difficult, movement practice
    5. Conveying course themes through interactive inquiry and didactic teaching - inquiry skills including empathy, investigation, reflection, bringing salience and responding to the person's context
    6. Management of group learning environment



Details of the residential Intensive program

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Dates and time

Date: 10 - 15 April, 2021

Starts 2pm, Saturday 10th April 2021 and concludes 12 midday, Thursday 15th April
*please ensure you have had your lunch before you arrive on Saturday 10 April

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Bella Rakha Retreat Centre, Auckland
581 West Coast Rd, Oratia 0604

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Includes teaching modules 1 (live online format) , 2 and 3 (residential intensive format), plus single room accommodation and all meals

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How to get to the venue

By Air and then Bus:

MTIA organises a bus to pick up domestic/international students from Auckland airport on the morning of the Intensive and return them to Auckland airport on the last day that the  training finishes. This cost is additional and will be invoiced when we have final numbers.

Please book flights to be available to catch the bus at 12:00 noon on the 10th April 2021. 

On the 15th April, 2021, the bus will leave Oratia at 1:00 pm, so please book fights from 3:00 pm for domestic flights (5:00 pm for international flights). 

By Car:

If you are coming from Auckland or another location by car, please arrive at Bella Rakha Retreat Centre by 1:00 pm on 10th April, 2021.

Module 1: Reflective essay

Writing task | to be completed in your own time | due date: 8 February 2021


This module provides an opportunity for you to integrate your personal experience and understanding of the practices of MBSR/CT with the 
rationale which informs and supports the delivery of mindfulness programs.    


This module has three main elements: 
  • Reflect on your own immersion in the MBP mindfulness practices 
  • Complete reading of main texts. 
  • Submit an essay (2000- 3500 words) 

Module 2: Guiding Mindfulness Practices

16 hours - teacher led | 9 hours student dyads | Eva Papadopoulo 

JAN - APR 2021:  5 sessions of 2.5 hours each and 1 session of 3.5 hours plus students meeting in dyads to lead practice and receive feedback.


This module will provide you with rationale, instruction and practise in the domain of Guiding Mindfulness Practices and Embodiment of Mindfulness so that your led practice is offered  in a clear, alive and engaging way for participants.


This module has three main elements:

  • Attend a fortnightly teacher-led session to explore the intention, language and structure of each practice (2.5 hours a fortnight)
  • Meet in dyads between sessions fortnightly to lead and receive each practice and to give each other feedback.
  • Complete a journal of your learning*


Date   Time (AEST)
30 January 2021   10 am - 1:30 pm
13 February 2021   10 am - 12:30 pm
27 February 2021   10 am - 12:30 pm
13 March 2021   10 am - 12:30 pm
27 March 2021   10 am - 12:30 pm
03 April 2021   10 am - 12:30 pm

Module 3: Four foundations – theory and practice 


This module will provide you with a theoretical and experiential understanding of the 4 foundations of mindfulness in order to enhance empathy, clarity and effectiveness in your teaching particularly in domain 5 - Conveying course themes through interactive inquiry and didactic teaching.  We will systematically explore the four foundations of mindfulness (body, hedonic tone, mind states and phenomena) to provide rationale for the didactic and experiential aspects of the programs. This learning will empower you to be clear and potent in attending to the problems that people bring to the course including anxiety, stress, depression, pain and trauma.


This module will be offered in the face-to-face Intensive in April of 2021.

Module 4: Inquiry and teaching moments


This module will provide an opportunity for you to engage in live inquiry and teaching in a small group setting, and to practice and discuss salient responses to participants’ experiences and questions. The emphasis will be on the domains ofConveying course themes through interactive inquiry and didactic teachings well as Relational Skills and Embodiment of Mindfulness.It will build a familiarity with the unfolding emphases in practice over the eight weeks, and how your responding can be skilfully informed by the underpinnings in MBPs from science and Buddhist psychology. You will also learn about your own habits of relating, leading to more flexibility and aliveness in your responding in the classes.


This module will be offered in the face-to-face Intensive in April of 2021.

Module 5: Practicum Curriculum Training

18 hours teacher led | 20 hours video watching | Mary McIntyre (MBSR) or Tania Gibbie (MBCT) | $495 inc GST

FEB/MARCH: 9 sessions of 2 hours weekly plus watching a recording of the 8 week course


This module will provide you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the week-by-week curriculum elements of the course/s, in readiness for teaching your first class under supervision. The focus will be on domain 1 - Coverage, pacing and organization of session curriculumas well as domain 5 - Conveying course themes through interactive inquiry and didactic teaching, and domain 6 - Management of group learning environment.  It will be an opportunity to integrate your learning from the previous modules as you critically reflect on the teaching in the videos of each class.


 The Practicum has four main elements:

  • Viewing a weekly MBSR or MBCT course, over the eight weeks (2.5 hours a week)
  • Reading material each week (1 hour or more, variable)
  • Attending a live online seminar for discussion and exploration (2 hours a week). During this seminar, some material will be presented by the teacher and then we will explore your responses and insights from the observed class.
  • Keep a journal of your learning*

2021 MBSR dates 

MAY/JUNE 2021 - Monday's from 4 - 6 pm (AEST) / 6 - 8 pm (NZST)

Session    MAY/JUNE 2021
Session 1   03 May 2021
Session 2   10 May 2021
Session 3   17 May 2021
Session 4   24 May 2021
Session 5   31 May 2021
Session 6   07 June 2021
Session 7   14 June 2021
Session 8   21 June 2021
Session 9   28 June 2021

2021 MBCT Dates  

MAY/JUNE 2021 - Tueday's from 6:30 - 8:30 pm (AEST)

Session    MAY/JUNE 2021
Session 1   04 May 2021
Session 2   11 May 2021
Session 3   18 May 2021
Session 4   25 May 2021
Session 5   01 June 2021
Session 6   08 June 2021
Session 7   15 June 2021
Session 8   22 June 2021
Session 9   29 June 2021

Refund Policy

  • If you withdraw two months before the event start date you will be refunded less your $500 deposit.
  • If you withdraw between one and two months before the start date, you will be refunded fees less $1500
  • If you withdraw one month or less before the start date, no refunds will be offered.

Notice of cancellation must be provided to MTIA via email and will be confirmed via reply email. MTIA cannot accept responsibility for correspondence that is delayed or for failure of delivery.

In the unlikely event the workshop is cancelled by the organisers, registration fees will be fully refunded. No liability will be accepted for travel, accommodation or other costs / expenses incurred by participants.



Dianne May

Member NZAC

dianne mayDianne is recognized as a Senior Mindfulness Based Teacher in New Zealand, being one of the earliest teachers to offer the 8 week MBSR programme in Auckland, and has been providing Mindfulness Based programmes for the past 16 years. She is the NZ Co-director of Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI) - Australia &New Zealand and is involved in supervising mindfulness teachers on their mindfulness teacher training pathway.

Over the past 17 years Dianne has undertaken a number of intensive MBSR trainings with Jim Carmody, and in 2009 attended the Sydney health professionals training with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli.

Eva Papadopoulo

Cert.Couns., Grad Dip. Psychotherapy, Mem., A.A.S.P. Member PACFA Register

Eva Papadopoulo - mindfulness teacher trainerEva is a psychotherapist and is in private practice in Sydney. She has been an MBSR teacher with Openground since 2004 and is a founding director of MTIA. She has also designed and teaches the Living with Compassion workshop. Eva trained in body-oriented, contemporary psychodynamic, developmental and relational orientations with the Somatic Institute of Australia in 2000 and trained with Openground and attended the Teacher Development Intensive offered by the CFM with Bob Stahl and Florence Meleo-Meyer in 2012. Eva has also had much experience in teaching mindfulness meditation as pain-management with cancer, HIV and AIDS and has worked in many organizations offering stress and anger management. Her interest in an integrated body-mind approach both personally and professionally has been deepened through many years of practice in insight meditation, yoga, Ortho-Bionomy, Body Mind Centering (BMC) and dance and theatre improvisation.


Nadav Avny

MA(Hons) Clinical Psychology, Advance Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy (ADIP), Member of NZ Psych Society and UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Nadav Avny v3

Nadav works as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Adult Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit of Auckland District Health Board (ADHB).

Nadav established and teaches an MBSR programme to mental health staff. He also leads sustainable implementation of mindfulness at ADHB Mental Health Services, including a Mindfulness Implementation Steering Group, Mindfulness Championing Group (working group) and supervises staff who completed the MBSR programme and are continuing to train as Mindfulness Based Programme teachers.

Nadav's clinical psychology training was psychodynamic. He also completed training in Integrative Psychotherapy (focusing on Gestalt and Existential Psychotherapy) and is a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) registered psychotherapist. He provides psychological therapy to individuals, families and groups.

Nadav is Co Director of the Mindfulness Training Institute: Australia & New Zealand. He is an approved supervisor for people on the training pathway.