Board Members

Dianne May

Eva Papadopoulo

Nadav Avny

Timothea Goddard

Educational Advisory Committee

Dr Bob Stahl

Professor Paul Grossman

Professor Willem Kuyken

Rebecca Crane

Strategic Advisory Committee

Oscar Pellizzon (CA, Grad Dip Mgmt, AGSM)

Robert Bently (BA Grad Dip Retail)


Directors of Training

Timothea Goddard

Program Advisor

Mary McIntyre

Program Coordinator

Caroline Friend

Teaching Faculty

As the Institute develops and we establish processes of certification, and in response to demand for training, we anticipate that our teaching staff will grow.   At the moment, current faculty for the Intensive training will be drawn from the following:

Eva Papadopoulo

Timothea Goddard

Study Module Assessor

Ben Engel

Certifications Co-ordinator

Pamela Lovell

Mindfulness Training Institute - Australia & New Zealand (MTI)