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Level II $65.00

Applying for the Level II stage of training should be made immediately after completing your Level I Study Module and before you commence teaching mindfulness.   After your application is received you will be invited to attend an interview with a senior MTIA teacher.

This interview is a joint exploration of where you are at in terms of beginning teaching and what support and you might need. Topics will include: feedback about your work in the Level I Intensive and Study Module, supervision arrangements, use of the MBI TAC in supervision, retreats and any other matters which seem important arising out of the Level I program.  Out of this discussion, you may be asked to take more time for integration of your own practice and understanding through reading, retreats, teachings and other training before proceeding to the challenges of Level II teaching and supervision.

In some circumstances, a student will be asked not to proceed into Level II (and therefore not move into teaching) if there are issues which impact their ability to teach MBSR/CT.  This might involve a lack of relational skills and capacities, an inability to safely 'hold' a group or an inability to embody the practice of mindfulness sufficiently to teach others with congruence.   Some developmental steps may be discussed to assist with developing the necessary skills and capacities so that they may be able to move into Level II eventually, but this is not guaranteed.

 Please make sure you have completed Level I MTIA training or have equivalent training or experience, before filling out this application form.

When you submit your payment you will receive an auto-responder email from MTIA which contains two links;

  • a link to the Electronic Application Form PDF. 
  • a link to Upload the Electronic Application Form PDF, once the form has been completed and saved.

TROUBLE SHOOTING: If you experience difficulties with the Electronic Application Form PDF, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader https://get.adobe.com/reader for free and click the Install Now button.

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