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Openground Gravel Path With Setting Sun

Christine Hiltner

Christine has trained in MBSR/MBCT with Openground, as a Social Worker with the University of Tasmania and as a Yoga Teacher at the Centre for Yoga Seattle, USA and the Iyengar Institute, India. Christine has had specialist training in trauma (Bruce Perry and Bessel Van Der Kolk). In teaching yoga for 29 years, Christine has worked and trained in yoga for trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. She has held retreats and workshops in Bali, Western Australia, Seattle and Tasmania. As the director of Zen Wellbeing Services, Christine has a passion for combining her experience of Mindfulness with Trauma Informed Yoga to design programs for specific needs. Christine is a Director of Mindfulness Programs Australasia, running State-wide Mindfulness Programs in Tasmania and is a keen advocate for community development models.

Registered teachers have taught at least three rounds of the program and have completed basic requirements of the Level I and Level II MTI training pathway, but are not yet certified.

Certified teachers are given certification when they have taught many rounds of the course, attended several silent retreats and their teaching has been rigorously assessed using video/audio submissions.