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Openground Gravel Path With Setting Sun

Cynthia Liu

Cynthia Liu has been studying and practicing
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in Macao, China since 2020 and
continues to teach the Eight Weeks’ sessions of MBCT in Auckland, New Zealand
since 2022 after immigration. She also devoted herself in counselling practice in
Macao, China and now she is a registered counsellor in New Zealand. Her sincere,
empathetic attitude with equanimity has impressed the participants and clients along
the way.
The participants that Cynthia has worked with in teaching Mindfulness Based
Cognitive Therapy program are general people such as employees, housewives,
entrepreneurs, students and people with distress. Cynthia also applies MBCT into
counselling or group facilitation to support people who suffered from family violence,
intergenerational trauma, depression or depression relapse, anxiety and other mental
health issues.
Cynthia graduated from University of Saint Joseph, Macao for master degree of
Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2011 and she started to receive training in
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy since 2020 with daily personal practice until
today. She is a stage 6 trained teacher in Oxford Mindfulness Centre, UK and has
dedicated to teaching MBCT courses for three groups of participants until 2023.
Cynthia always benefits from Mindfulness practice, which not only bring enormous
energy for her body and mind development, but also allow her to provide professional
guidance and support for those who tend to seek mental health and self-care for
various needs.

Cynthia 是一名受訓靜觀導師。自2020年起,她在中國澳門參加靜觀的學習

Cynthia 於2011年畢業於澳門聖約瑟大學心理輔導和心理治療專業。她自2020
Cynthia 總是能夠從靜觀練習當中找到豐富而深刻的獲益,不僅對於她個人身
Cynthia Liu



Registered teachers have taught at least three rounds of the program and have completed basic requirements of the Level I and Level II MTI training pathway, but are not yet certified.

Certified teachers are given certification when they have taught many rounds of the course, attended several silent retreats and their teaching has been rigorously assessed using video/audio submissions.