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Dr Kim Murray

Kim has explored contemplative practice from a young age learning Aikido as a child and then Tai Chi and Yoga while at University. His father is a meditator and runs MBSR/MiSP courses in Devon, UK. Kim was first introduced to MBCT in 2013 while training to be a clinical psychologist and found it extremely beneficial for his own clinical practice and in managing pain stemming from an old sporting injury. He currently works in both a research and clinical capacity at the University of Melbourne, with a special interest in posttraumatic mental health.

Kim qualified to teach MBCT in 2015. He has facilitated MBCT groups for individuals with recurrent depression, stress and chronic health conditions as well as health professionals. Since moving to Australia in 2016 he has sought further training with the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia (MTIA) to teach MBSR.
Kim is currently running community MBSR groups with mindfulBeing in Melbourne. His group facilitation encourages a warm, curious and compassionate stance to moment-to-moment experiences of the body, heart and mind. He is committed to deepening his own personal practice by attending residential retreats.


Mindfulness Training Institute - Australia & New Zealand (MTI)