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Vision and Values

A training institute in the spirit of Anam Cara

Values and vision

A training institute in the spirit of Anam Cara

Anam cara is an Irish language term meaning "spiritual friend". According to the Celtic spiritual tradition, when you are very open, appreciative, and trusting with another person, a deeply felt bond emerges and you have found your anam cara. Your anam cara accepts you for who you truly are.  


Our vision is to create a transformative educational process in which this quality of relating can be fostered in the teaching and learning of mindfulness-based interventions so that people are free to open to the vulnerability and power in themselves and in others.  We envisage that this will inspire, engage and develop teachers of mindfulness at a personal and professional level, facilitating excellence and sustainability in the teaching and learning of mindfulness in Australia and New Zealand.  


We are committed to providing a nourishing learning community in which trainees can cultivate the relational skills, ethical framework, depth of understanding, reflexivity in teaching practice and embodiment of the practice, which is necessary for the skilful delivery of mindfulness-based interventions.  We are also committed to establishing a high quality certification pathway for teachers in our region that is guided by best practice international standards in training.


Integrity:               Embodying the values of mindfulness in the provision of educational experiences. 
Connectedness: Creating a community of practice within Australia and New Zealand with connections to the international network of mindfulness teachers and trainers. 
Legacy:  Building a wisely trained network of mindfulness teachers and trainers who can take mindfulness based interventions into the future.
Authenticity:  Creating a relational context in which the authentic embodiment of mindfulness is facilitated and encouraged.
Vitality:  Creating an alive and responsive organisation.
Creativity: Finding innovative and imaginative ways to teach that bring mindfulness approaches vividly to life for our trainees.