We are aware that an in-depth MBI training process requires a commitment of time and money. We have ensured that our pathway is financially comparable to other equivalent courses offering MBI training in the world, and of equal standard. We are part of a worldwide network of teachers committed to high quality training in the MBIs.

On this page we have listed all the costs involved up front. Please note that the costs below are a summary of all the aspects of training required to develop competencies and qualities over the course of the training including conceptual work, experiential training, retreats, supervision and assessment at certification.   Trainees are free to undertake the training in a flexible time frame that supports their own learning needs, financial considerations and context.

 Costs are in Australian dollars and include GST.  



Process Fee
Experiential learning
  • Mindfulness 8 week MBSR or MBCT course
  • Personal practice (at least 12 months recommended)
  • 5 - 7  day retreat
  • Body based practice (e.g. classes in Hatha yoga, T'ai Chi, Chi gung)
Prices vary
Application fee  For processing application (includes up to 2 supportive mentoring interviews) $100

Training  Study Module I: one essay (two thousand - three thousand five hundred words) $140

Training - residential
  • 7 Day Intensive in MBPs (the fee includes 7 days training tuition, materials and 7 days full board / accommodation with private room)


 Training - online live MBSR or MBCT Curriculum Practicums $495
Level II Interview For pre-2018 students and RPL applicants.
Practice development Second silent retreat Prices vary
  • Supervision and mentoring of teaching using process notes and audio recording. At least eight hours supervision per course.
Prices vary
MTI Registration 
  • After having taught two rounds of courses under supervision, you can request listing on the MTI website as a registered teacher. 

$44 initial 
$44 p.a


  • Panel assessment of competence through examining final paper, CDs, video of classes using the MBI TAC

Post certification listing
  • Listing on MTI website as certified MBP teacher and link to own website
$44 initial
$44 p.a

Financial assistance with supervision

Due to the generosity of a past trainee, a limited amount of funding is available to trainees who require financial assistance in order to progress through the training pathway.  To make the program as accessible and diverse as possible, funding will be distributed in the form of  fee help with supervision for two students per year.

After completing the Intensive, you will be sent information about the criteria for applying for financial assistance with the costs of supervision.  Accepted applicants will receive notification of the amount of supervision aid available to them.

Refund policy 

The application fee is non-refundable, but is valid for one year and permits one transfer to the following year's Intensive. After that year a new application and fee will need to be submitted. 

The Study Module fee is non-refundable.

Intensive Fees

  • If you withdraw two months before the event start date you will be refunded less your non-refundable $500 deposit.
  • If you withdraw between one and two months before the start date, you will be refunded fees less $1500
  • If you withdraw one month or less before the start date, no refunds will be offered.

However, if a substitute person can be found so that MTIA is not impacted financially there will be a refund less the initial deposit of $500.

No refunds will be issued one month before the event except in extenuating circumstances and at MTI's discretion.

Notice of cancellation must be provided to MTIA via email and will be confirmed via reply email. MTIA cannot accept responsibility for correspondence that is delayed or for failure of delivery.

In the unlikely event the training is cancelled by the organisers, registration fees will be fully refunded. No liability will be accepted for travel, accommodation or other costs / expenses incurred by participants.

Mindfulness Training Institute - Australia & New Zealand (MTI)