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Pre-requisites that need to be completed BEFORE applying for the Level I training include:

Participating in an eight week MBSR or MBCT course.

Personally experiencing the way mindfulness is taught in MBSR or MBCT is an important part in your preparation to become a teacher yourself. You will probably be able to find an MBSR or MBCT course in your local area by doing an internet search. Please make sure the teacher of the course has done sufficient training in MBSR or MBCT themselves and is experienced in teaching. Please check with us if you're not sure if a course you found would be suitable.

NB: The online MBSR courses through Sounds True and Palouse Mindfulness do not meet the pre-requisites because there is no live direct contact with a teacher and group.

Regular mindfulness meditation practice

Engaging regularly in a personal mindfulness meditation practice (i.e. a sustained practice of at least 12 months) is a central part of preparing for level I training.

Attending a 5 - 7 day silent mindfulness meditation retreat (this may be fulfilled pre or post application however must completed before the commencement of the eight-day training Intensive)

Attending silent retreats are a central part of offering mindfulness to others and an ongoing source of professional and personal nourishment and inquiry for mindfulness teachers. Initially we ask that you undertake at least one silent, teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreat of at least 5 days as a pre-requisite for the Intensive. This immersion in the practice makes it possible to engage skillfully with the kinds of dilemmas and questions that arise in people's practice. It also develops our own personal qualities of acceptance, patience, trust, non-striving, letting be and stability of mind. Most mindfulness approaches are drawn from the tradition of Insight (Vipassana ) meditation, and insight meditation retreats are widely available in Australia. Even though you may have attended retreats in other contemplative traditions (e.g. yoga, Tibetan) we ask you to attend a silent mindfulness meditation retreat as part of this training process.

Click here to go to a listing of various organisations including MTI that offer silent retreats.

Cultivating a body-based practice

Awareness of the body is central in teaching mindfulness meditation. In-depth experience in a body-based awareness and movement practice can assist bringing awareness into everyday life and bring confidence into the teaching of body-focussed practices.  Some ongoing experience as a student in Hatha yoga classes is important as this is the form of movement practice that is offered in MBSR/CT and this experience is necessary in order to become competent in leading.    (As well as this yoga experience, practice in other awareness-based training can also be helpful of course. eg. T'ai Chi, Feldenkrais, Chi Gung.)

Professional background

Having a professional background which involves working with people (in a clinical, educational or communications area) provides important ground for the teaching work.

Requisite relational skills

Teaching MBSR and MBCT involves personal and interpersonal qualities such as genuineness, compassion, warmth, empathy and potency.

Applications will only be accepted from those who have completed all the above pre-requisites.

To register your interest or inquire about any aspect of the pathway

In Australia

Contact: Mary McIntyre
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mary mcintyre

In New Zealand

Contact: Dianne May
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