The world we see that seems so insane

is the result of a belief system that is not working.

To perceive the world differently 

we must be willing to 

change our belief system, let the past slip away, 

expand our sense of now, 

and dissolve the fear in our minds.

William James

Mindfulness Based Programs (MBPs)

There are many opportunities for training these days in all sorts of different mindfulness approaches – from a weekend training to become a “mindfulness teacher” to full-time Masters programs.

What MTI offers is a flexible, part-time professional training program to support competencies for teaching Mindfulness Based Programs (MBSR and MBCT) and evidence-based adaptations of these original programs.    The underpinnings of the MBPs are different from mindfulness-informed programs (like DBT, ACT and others) and therefore have different training requirements.   For an excellent article clarifying these issues by Rebecca Crane, Judson Brewer, Christina Feldman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Mark Williams, and Willem Kuyken, please see: “What defines mindfulness-based programs: the warp and the weft” 

The consensus from these senior founders is that MBPs  require certain processes of training to develop competencies that are different from the training processes for those required to teach mindfulness-informed approaches.   It is training in these competencies that MTI offers our students, and why we require immersion in retreats, intensive face-to-face training, supervision and certification. 

As well preparing people to teach MBSR/CT, Level I also provides a basic training for those who wish to offer adapted programs with specific populations such as children, adolescents, parents, teachers, workers, leaders, substance dependence and eating disorders. Level I of the program will also be relevant to those who want an education and experience of mindfulness to inform their one-on-one clinical or coaching work.

Training, Ethics, Quality

Here is the 2018 keynote talk from the Perth Mindfulness Conference in which Timothea Goddard speaks about some issues in the contemporary context for our mindfulness work.

Please be in touch with Timothea Goddard to discuss choices about your pathway of training or any other concerns.

Mindfulness Training Institute - Australia & New Zealand (MTI)