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Reading and Reflecting Book Club

1 hour 15 min per fortnight

R & R (Reading & Reflecting) - Book Club

Stoke the fires of what interests you using contemporary texts from divergent views around the subject of awareness practices. Have a rich yarn with your peers. 
Typical session reflections:

What resonated with you?
What questions do you have that we can grapple with together?
What do you see as implications for your practice?


Sit, Explore, Reflect , Sit

Next book: 

Nothing Special: Living Zen - Charlotte Joko Beck

Beginning Monday 10 June 2024

Fortnightly, five sessions until Monday 5 August
6pm- 7.15pm (AEST)

Details below. 
  • 100% of the proceeds from the book club go to a scholarship fund.
  • Please note participants are responsible for obtaining their own copy of the book.

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Who is this for?

For people with an interest in mindfulness and those who have completed Level I or Level II training and beyond, even if you do not yet teach.

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To enhance our understanding of mindfulness, its gifts and complexities and to explore the implications for our practice.

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Commit to one book at a time. One hour fifteen minute sessions via Zoom.

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At your place

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Nothing Special: Living Zen - Charlotte Joko Beck


We hope you will consider joining us for a special and impactful book by Charlotte Joko Beck – one of the few women in the West to be published in Buddhist philosophy in the 20th century.

Beck shows us how to awaken to daily life and discover the ideal in the everyday, finding riches in our feelings, relationships, and work. 'Nothing Special' offers the rare and delightful experience of learning in the authentic Buddhist tradition with a wonderfully contemporary Western master.

This classic book (2024 being the 30th anniversary since its first publication) has had many wonderful and insightful reviews from readers including:

Life changing for me.
Clear, direct, accessible, and profound.
Nothing short of a revelation to me, distilling complex practices into clear, functional ideas.
A surprisingly penetrating book on meditation.
A bracing, ice-cold, life-saving splash in the face.
Spectacular, down to earth, engaging, and delightfully confrontational. 

Nothing Special is divided into eight chapters, each with a different theme and featuring a unique discussion between Beck and various “students” of hers at the end of each section. The book club offers a supportive, curious and intimate way to explore together through a beautiful and intimate conversation each fortnight. 

The book is available as an ebook through Google Books ($16); Amazon Kindle ($29), Kobo ($26) or Booktopia (for under $26). The paperback is also available through Booktopia ($36); Amazon ($31) or at Windhorse Books ($33 + $9.90 shipping or pick up at Newtown store). It’s not as easily found at independent bookshops, but there is a small online market of used versions. Unfortunately, the book is not yet available as an audio book.

If you’re looking to obtain the paperback, we hope you will order the book as soon as possible as stock is limited and some vendors need to ship the order from overseas.

Jan Haworth and Steve Pozel (first meeting through their MTIA level 1 training in 2016) host this book and one more beginning in August before Pamela Lovell returns from her overseas sabbatical in October.

Dates and Chapters

10 June    (pg ix – 54)- from the Epigraph/Preface through to Chapter 2 Sacrifice and the end of the section entitled Justice (56 pages).
24 June  

(pg 55 – 110) from Chapter 2 Sacrifice, starting at the section entitled Forgiveness to the very end of Chapter 3 Separation & Connection (55 pages).

8 July   (pg 113 – 167) From the start of Chapter IV Change to Chapter V Awareness and the end of the section entitled: Coming to our Senses (54 pages).
22 July   (pg 168 – 218) from Chapter V Awareness, starting at the section entitled Attention Means Attention through to the end of Chapter VI Freedom. (50 pages).
5 August    (pg 221 – 273) from the start of Chapter VII Wonder to the end (52 pages)

Your Facilitators / Hosts

Steve Pozel

Steve has worked with hundreds of the world’s leading innovators and creative minds since the 1980’s. It has been the foundation to his research focusing on the convergence of innovation, creativity and the contemplative.

After a 3-decade career leading cultural institutions in Canada and Australia, Steve now divides his time between consulting within the creative sector and supporting social enterprises through his experience in leadership and innovation.

 Beginning with the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2017, Steve has been presenting sessions of contemplative exploration ( at major arts organisations including Sydney Opera House; Botanic Gardens, Art Gallery of NSW; MCA; UTS; Brisbane Arts Festival and as a regular presenter at Sydney’s VIVID Ideas festival.

Steve and Timothea Goddard will be co-facilitating The Art of Deep Listening program for the VIVID Ideas Festival in 2024.

 Since 2023, Steve has been developing a prototype for a virtual platform to combine art and contemplation. ILLUME ( is an audio-driven experience to connect people to art in a deeper, more mindful way and features a wide range of artworks from international galleries. 

Jan Haworth

Jan is a Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher whose journey into mindfulness began during her experience of cancer during her mid-30s. Introduced to mindfulness as a means to navigate the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of illness, Jan soon discovered its transformative impact beyond mere coping mechanisms and was inspired to train as a teacher and share mindfulness with others.

Jan brings a wealth of experience, and her company, Mindfulness Aotearoa, has delivered courses to over 2,000 individuals across diverse organisations in both the public and private sectors with a particular dedication to supporting healthcare workers in District Health Boards. Jan also runs MBSR courses in Auckland for the general public, and is passionate about supporting individuals navigating health challenges.
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I don’t like to read books on meditation even though I know I should and I know they are helpful. So I forced myself (with kindness and compassion) to join the MTI book club to help break through.

And I read the book (all of it). And I sat with others and asked questions and had many of them answered. And I learnt a lot of helpful things about mindfulness that is helping my practice and helping me to help others.

So while I still don’t like reading books on meditation the book club helps.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for the Alumni Book Club