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Reading and Reflecting Book Club

1 hour 15 min per fortnight

R & R (Reading & Reflecting) - Book Club

Stoke the fires of what interests you using contemporary texts from divergent views around the subject of awareness practices. Have a rich yarn with your peers. 
Typical session reflections:

What resonated with you?
What questions do you have that we can grapple with together?
What do you see as implications for your practice?


Sit, Explore, Reflect , Sit

Next book: 
How We Live is How We Die by Pema Chodron 
Starts Monday 16 October 2023
Details below. 
  • 100% of the proceeds from the book club go to a scholarship fund.
  • Please note participants are responsible for obtaining their own copy of the book.

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Who is this for?

For people with an interest in mindfulness and those who have completed Level I or Level II training and beyond, even if you do not yet teach.

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To enhance our understanding of mindfulness, its gifts and complexities and to explore the implications for our practice.

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Commit to one book at a time. One hour fifteen minute sessions via Zoom.

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At your place

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How We Live is How We Die by Pema Chodron 

“Our task, in life and in death, is to realise we always have a choice. We can fall asleep into unawareness and stay stuck in the repeating cycle of samsara, or we can wake up.”  from How We Live is How We Die

Dates and Chapters

16 October   Introduction - Chapter 7, Pages ix-43
30 October   Chapter 8 - 15, Pages 45-90
13 November   Chapter 16 - 21, Pages 91-142
27 November   Conclusion, Pages 143-177

Food for the Heart, The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah

Food for the Heart, The Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah  

“Respected as one of the most accomplished spiritual masters of his age, Ajahn Chah has inspired and guided innumerable people in the arts of Buddhist meditation and skilful living. He committed himself to a life of simplicity and renunciation conveying the Buddha’s teachings through wisdom, humour, and a great sense of compassion. Ajahn Chah’s influence and teachings were of seminal importance to many prominent Western Buddhists.

This collection brings together Ajahn Chah’s most powerful teachings, including those on meditation, liberation from suffering, calming the mind, enlightenment and the 'living dhamma’. Buddhist teachers from all traditions have extolled Chah’s teachings for decades, and now readers can experience them directly in this book."

Our host, Pamela Lovell says, “While this is a longer book than we normally tackle, the teachings are beautiful. You could consider settling down with a good book over the winter months. I hope you’ll join us.”
Dates and Chapters

12 June   Forward and Chapters 1 and 2
26 June   Chapters 3 - 7
10 July   Chapters 8 - 13
24 July   Chapters 14 - 17
07 August   Chapters 18 - 22
21 August    Chapters 24 - 29
04 September   Chapters 30 - 33
18 September   Chapters 34 - 38

Facilitator / Host

Pamela Lovell

Pamela Lovell is the host of MTIA’s book club.  She is a long-term mindfulness meditation practitioner, MBSR teacher and avid reader and student of Buddhist philosophy.  She warmly welcomes you to the club.  

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I don’t like to read books on meditation even though I know I should and I know they are helpful. So I forced myself (with kindness and compassion) to join the MTI book club to help break through.

And I read the book (all of it). And I sat with others and asked questions and had many of them answered. And I learnt a lot of helpful things about mindfulness that is helping my practice and helping me to help others.

So while I still don’t like reading books on meditation the book club helps.


Refund Policy

There are no refunds for the Alumni Book Club