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Level II: Teaching, Supervision and Certification

Teaching and supervision is where you begin to embody the process of teaching, and develop and hone your skills.    

Supervision of teaching work 

Supervision is not an added extra but a primary part of the training process. The process fosters precision and comprehensiveness in the teaching of mindfulness groups, and encourages an authentic exploration of unexamined habits and patterns that hinder effectiveness in teaching and living.

This in-depth process of support, guidance, exploratory dialogue and precise feedback will offer you the self-review skills and clarity about your own level of proficiency, which you can take forward as part of your life long learning as mindfulness teachers. The development of the following competencies based on the MBI-TAC will be supported:

  1. Coverage, pacing and organization of session curriculum
  2. Relational skills
  3. Embodiment of mindfulness
  4. Guiding mindfulness practices
  5. Conveying course themes through interactive inquiry and didactic teaching
  6. Management of group learning environment

At a minimum, you will complete 16 hours of supervision (pro-rata) in a group or individual supervision context.  For your first couple of rounds of teaching,  meeting weekly with your supervisor is recommended.  Many students will require more hours of supervision than this set minimum.  (Regular supervision - whether with a more senior teacher or in peer groups - is encouraged throughout one’s teaching career.)

Download MTI SUPERVISION KIT HERE  - for supervisors and beginning teachers  

Become listed as a registered teacher on the MTI website

As soon as you have completed three rounds of teaching under supervision you can apply to be listed on the MTI website as a Registered Teacher in Training to help the public know that you have achieved a certain level of proficiency in mindfulness teaching. Please click HERE to download the information about this process.

Attending Alumni Events (recommended but not required)

Once you have completed Level 1, you are welcome to join other trainees in Alumni events including residential weekends, workshops and the book club program

Ongoing silent retreats

You are encouraged to continue to attend silent retreats to deepen and enrich your understanding and embodiment of the practice

Recording Your Classes

Tips and Hints for Video Recording MBI classes

Participants Consent Form for Recording classes


For more information about the Certification process.