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The most practical thing we can achieve in any kind of work is insight into what is happening inside of us as we do it. The more familiar we are with our inner terrain, the more surefooted our teaching - and living – becomes. ~ Parker Palmer

For mindfulness teachers, certification provides an evaluation process for them to be recognised as a competent mindfulness teacher and an opportunity to promote their work.  For the public, referrers to programs, researchers of mindfulness-based interventions and for the funding bodies who pay for them, it means that the integrity and quality of mindfulness programs can be safe-guarded.


The Certification process involves the submission of video material of classes, and recordings of led practices and a final reflective paper. Assessments will be made by a national and/or international panel of senior mindfulness teachers.  Fees paid cover the cost of the Certification process.  Assessments will be made in part by using the Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI TAC).

MBI TAC Addendum for online delivery

As the MTIA process of assessment is based on emerging competencies, there is no set requirement of how many courses trainees will teach before applying for certification.  We envision that between 3 and 8 rounds of MBI classes may be required for different trainees to become confident in their role and in the skills, knowledge and wisdom involved in teaching.  This will obviously depend on various factors including levels of experience of mindfulness meditation and retreats, familiarity with movement practice as well as entry level teaching and clinical skills. 

People who have already completed aspects of this training pathway (eg the eight day intensive Practicum/TDI/supervision) are invited to apply to engage in the MTIA Certification Program. Please complete the LEVEL II Application.  You will be advised if there are any steps of the MTIALevel I training pathway that you have to complete before submitting your Certification materials.

MTIA will recognise certification by other international organisations (with equivalent standards and training pathways) and people who have been certified through these organisations can apply for recognition by the MTIA and to be listed on this website.

Certification Portfolio

In order to prepare for assessment for certification please attend to the following:

i.     Be familiar with MBI TAC 

ii.  Video Recordings

  • Pay attention to Tips for recording classes before you proceed.
  • Get written permission from all participants. Download form here.
  • Make videos of two classes (weeks 4 and 5) 
  • Nominate one class you would like to be the primary class for assessment.

iv.      Audio recordings: 

  • Provide audio recordings for the following practices: body scan, awareness of breath, body, sounds and open awareness and one movement practice.

v.  Supervision

  • Make sure that you have at least 20 hours supervision with an appropriately qualified supervisor on at least 3 courses* using audio recordings of your classes.
  • Before applying for certification, it may be wise to have at least one supervision session reflecting on a video recording of a class to ensure readiness.

vi. Documentation checklist

Please provide a list of all the following, documenting dates, teachers and venue.

  • Mindfulness based trainings completed
  • Silent mindfulness meditation retreats completed
  • Overview of body based practice
  • Supervision completed
  • Video recordings (electronic copies to MTI via Administrator)
  • Audio recordings (electronic copies to MTI via Administrator)
  • Lesson Plans for each week
  • Supervisors report. Download report here.

Ready for certification?

Email Regina Gerlach and she will be in touch about the process and where to send your materials. Regina is the the convenor of certifications for MTI.

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