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2021 - Level I Training - Resources

Level II – information re: going forward

MTI Silent Retreats

If you wish to dip into the joy and learning in a residential setting soon, you are welcome to attend the Silent Retreat MTI in the Southern Highlands of NSW or Healesville in Victoria  or in Coromandel in NZ over the next year.

These retreats explore and emphasize how the Dharma (wisdom teachings) informs mindfulness-based practice and programs. Through the direct practice of the four foundations of mindfulness and related teachings, you will explore how the essence of these wisdom teachings intersects and informs all mindfulness-based programs.  This traditional insight meditation retreat will offer silent periods of sitting and walking meditation, yoga as well group and individual teacher interviews. Teachers will also offer daily talks and systematic meditation instructions that are embedded with the spirit of loving-kindness.  

Four Foundations of Mindfulness Retreat  – Healesville, Vic – 20 – 26 January 2022
Four Foundations of Mindfulness Retreat – Bowral, N.S.W – 24 – 30 March 2022
Four Foundations of Mindfulness Retreat – Coromandel, NZ – 1 – 7 April 2022

MTI Book Club

This is run regularly and is a great way to stay connected to colleagues and continue to open to the conceptual and practical nourishment that supports this work.  It is usually facilitated by a generous senior MTI Faculty member - Pamela Lovell. Upcoming offerings include:

  • “In Love with the World” by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - starting on the 22nd November, 2021
  • "Ecodharma - Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis" by David Loy - starting on the 28 February, 2022

Find details here.

Poetry for MBSR and MBCT

Please find the poetry here

Mindfulness: developing agency in difficult times 

A summary article from the Mindfulness Initiative UK: Mindfulness: developing agency in difficult times 

Embodiment Resources

Body Mind Centring

Body-Mind Centring explores the body through movement re-education and hands on re-patterning to understand self and increase physical and psychophysical potential. An experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind. BMC® has an unlimited number of areas of applications with the creative, athletic and therapeutic fields, including yoga, pilates, therapists, movement therapy and anyone who wants a better understanding of who they are and how they move. (Both Eva and Tim have spent a lot of time exploring this method. There are teachers in Australia and New Zealand.)

Five Rhythms
Five Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice – a practice of being in your body that ignites creativity, connection and community.  Available in Australia and NZ.

Publications of the Mindfulness Initiative UK

Link to the publications of the Mindfulness Initiative UK. They have published some excellent summary papers in the area of climate and ecological collapse, criminal justice, education, workplace, health, politics and public life.  

Interoception in the development of equanimity

Mindfulness integrated CBT
Bruno Cayoun

Great for background understanding of the process of Vipassana meditation in affect regulation and reduction of reactivity through increasing interoception (alongside equanimity with the sensations in the body).  Although quite a different approach to the client and group process, this model provides a lot of theoretical clarity for helping people practice and inquire into obstacles.

 Two books are valuable here:

  1. A professional one: MiCBT: theory and practice. It has a lot of clinical examples relevant for MBSR and MBCT including how to motivate people to practice.
  2. A personal self-help book: Mindfulness-integrated CBT for Well-being and Personal Growth A good book for exploring this method in an eight week format and grounding your understanding of interception and equanimity in practice.

Group Process

The Ethical Space of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice
Don McCown

A very worthwhile book for deep background on Buddhist ethics and the MBPs and the role of the teacher, including a lot on the model, stress and suffering, inquiry and the group process.

A core skills training in 2021

(Exact format and timing TBA)

Some core skills are required to skilfully meet people where they are at in MBP courses. This alumni training will deepen what is already known and clarify our own ways of making sense of other people’s experience, and assist us to truly listen to their inner and outer world, so we can respond in a salient way in the moment.   The core skills we will explore are:

  • Presence – meeting the moment with all the senses
  • Attunement – with gesture, sounds, timing
  • Listening – for affect, meaning and agency
  • Understanding – making sense of another person’s soma, words and story
  • Responding – what do I say now?
  • Inquiring – where should I direct the person’s attention?

We will be sending more information out about this soon.

MTI members with experience in supervision

Mary McIntrye
Regina Gurlach
Nique Murch
Georgie Davidson
Dianne May
Nadav Avney
Eva Papadopoulo
Elizabeth Granger
Maggie O’Shea
Astrid de Ruiter
Timothea Goddard
Megan Layton
Pamela Lovell
Regina Gurlach
Maura Kenny
Tania Gebbie
Nadav Avney


You can find more informatoin about each person in the Find a Teacher function on the MTI website.Please be in touch if you wish to discuss finding a supervisor who might match your background and interests. [email protected] 

Joining a Yahoo group for MBSR/CT teachers

This is a group which is convened by Chrissie Bourke for people with basic training and interest in the MBPs.

Click on 'join this group'. For it to work most easily you will need to have or set up a Yahoo ID - then you can get emails sent to any chosen email address, so that you only have to use the Yahoo ID for the initial sign in. You will also need to write why you want to join the group - once you provide your name, location and where you have done the MTI Intensive training, Chrissie will add you to the group.


Mindfulness in the world

Mindfulness Initiative UK 

The Mindfulness Initiative in the UK have published some excellent summary papers in the area of climate and ecological collapse, criminal justice, education, workplace, health, politics and public life.  A really valuable resource to stay connected to how mindfulness is being brought into the world in powerful ways. 

LGBTQI+ in Buddhism and Meditation - Resources

Lama Rod Owens
Lama Rod is a BIPOC and queer-identified teacher. His book, Love and Rage, is a compelling look at dharma and meditation through these lenses. 

Larry Yang
His book Awakening Together the spiritual practice of inclusivity and community is an incredible resource for seeing Buddhism and meditation through a queer, multi-racial perspective and it has beautiful ideas for creating inclusive spaces. His teachings are also gorgeous. 

East Bay Meditation Centre
EBMC is known as the 'most diverse sangha' and it has been established by Larry Yang to serve diverse needs in meditation and dharma teaching. 

For white, straight folk: EBMC has fantastic resources for white folk on practicing in a multi-racial, gender and sexually diverse group. Their principles for group practice are also fantastic and provide a beautiful, ethical framework for meditation groups. Please consider attending teachings run by BIPOC and queer folk - its eye-opening and transformative.
BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ folk: If you identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum or identify as a person of colour, there are deep refuge groups as part of EBMC which are currently meeting online (a silver lining of COVID is the unprecedented access to groups like this). I am part of the Alphabet Sangha which meets on Wednesday morning (my time, Tuesday evening in the US) and I've benefitted enormously from this, so please do consider connecting with these refuge groups if you'd like to practice with other queer and/or BIPOC teachers and students. 


Rainbodhi is a Sydney-based Buddhist group for people who identify as LGBTQIA+. They currently are also running sessions online - their Metta Pride session was gorgeous and they also invited Lama Rod to speak which was incredible. 

For straight folks: Rainbodhi has an excellent resource on creating inclusive sanghas and meditation groups for teachers who don't identify as LGBTQIA+ and who are teaching people who do identify. I can't recommend this highly enough. 

There are also many other teachers and books and articles available to increase your knowledge and understanding around BIPOC, gender and sexuality, both within Buddhism and more generally. I'd really recommend these:
Transcending: Trans Buddhist Voices edited by Kevin Manders (

Contact List - Level 1 Training 2021

Name   Email   Phone  
Anne Rutter   [email protected]   431503002  
Bree Bickmore   [email protected]   422267902  
Paige Finci    [email protected]   61400644011  
Peter Jones   [email protected]   407506353  
Emily Burke   [email protected]   438457147  
Betty Ramsay   [email protected]   61417241992  
Seyonne Kidnapillai   [email protected]   499282046  
Amanda Hill   [email protected]   0437 181 252  
Malcolm Altson   [email protected]   419502574  
Tim Charles   [email protected]   409444161  
Cynthia Mitchell    [email protected]   0407 955 538  
Brett Smith   [email protected]      
Supreen Kaur   [email protected]   402648433  
Lauren Webster   [email protected]   0493 087 216  
Adam Corke   [email protected]   211921455  
Erica Viedma    [email protected]   276622497  
Holly Dixon   [email protected]      
Miriama Ketu-McKenzie  

[email protected]




Module 3: Four foundations – theory and practice  - Resources

MBSR Practicum Materials

Weekly focus and reading

Week of

  Prac Session Saturdays 10am-12:30 (AEST) / 12 - 2:30 (NZST)   For the whole of the Practicum:
  • CFM Curriculum Guide 2017
  • MTI Curriculum Guides Weeks 1 - 8
Prep   14 Aug  
  • Britton, W., Chapter 5, Scientific Literacy for Teachers of MBIs
  • MBCT Exclusion Criteria Explained
  • Bangor Assessment and Orientation for a mindfulness course
One   21 Aug  
  • Mulligan - Intro Chaps. 1 – The Dharma of Suffering: It’s Not Personal
Two   28 Aug  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 2 – The Dharma of the Body: What we resist persists
Three   04 Sept  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 3 – The Dharma of Curiosity: What is here right now?
Four   11 Sept  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 4 – The Dharma of Awareness: Turning Towards Stress
Five   18 Sept  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 5 – The Dharma of Choice: Finding a Bigger Container
Six   25 Sept  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 7 – The Dharma of the Daylong Retreat: Exploring our Hindrances as TeachingsChap. 7 – The Dharma of the Daylong Retreat: Exploring our Hindrances as Teachings 
Seven   02 Oct  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 8 – The Dharma of Action and Livelihood: Working with our Ethical Compass 
Eight   09 Oct  
  • Mulligan - Chap. 9 – The Dharma of Wisdom: Practice, practice, practice
  • Mulligan - Chap 10 – The Dharma of Four Good Gardens

MBSR Course Videos - as taught by Timothea Goddard


These videos are private and confidential and only for viewing by MTI Practicum students.

Filmed Oct – Dec, 2018

Password:  MBSR 

Week 1 -

Week 2 -

Week 3 -

Week 4 -

Alternate Week 4 class - (alternate video with different didactic) -

Week 5 -

Week 6 -

Week 7 -

Week 8 -

Zoom recordings of Practicum sessions as they unfold

Sessions :
Password : 

Session 1 :
password: McPrac
2021 Pract 1 Intro with big group

Session 2 :
password: McPrac

Password:  TGPrac

Session 3 : 

password: McPrac

Password:  TGPrac

Session 4 : 

password: McPrac

password: TGPrac 

Session 5 : 

password: McPrac 
password: TGPrac 

Session 6 : 
part 1
password: McPrac

part 2 (7 minutes)
password: McPrac

password: TGPrac 

Session 7 :

password McPrac

password: TGPrac 

Session 8 :
password: McPrac

password: TGPrac

Session 9 :

password McPrac